GuitarScape specialises in high end repairs and service on most fretted instruments. GuitarScape also conducts hands on workshops on how to repair and maintain your guitar. Steve’s 30+ years experience in guitar repairs and maintenance means that he can make your guitar sound and play the best it has ever played.

GuitarScape  are  focused on providing high-quality service and we will do everything we can to meet your  needs and  the needs of your guitar.


Steve conducts guitar maintenance and repair workshops covering re-stringing to fret dressing and everything in between. Transforming the way your guitar plays will take you to a new level of musicianship and performance. Beginner and advanced workshops are conducted by Steve.  For workshop details, visit our Facebook Page, or call Steve on 0400 629 277.

Guitar Servicing

A full set-up and service starts at $110 + strings whilst free quotes can be given on custom installations and repairs.  Please call Steve on 0400 629 277  to book your guitar in for a service or to inquire about the wide range of repairs, maintenance and installations available.

Below you will see before and after images of a 1979 Music Man Stingray bass guitar.

  • GuitarScape no frets
  • GuitarScape guitar frets